FOCUS #10 Malford Milligan and Jack Hustinx

Eindhoven ademt techniek, innovatie, creativiteit, en kent een no nonsens mentaliteit van samenwerken en aanpakken. 
Maar wie zijn de innovatoren op gebied van kunst, fotografie, design en cultuur die vol toewijding en, als het nodig is, met een ongelooflijk lange adem deze stad zo uniek maken? In de maandelijkse rubriek Focus zijn de innovators van de stad het woord. Zij vertellen je wat hen raakt wanneer ze uit zijn in Eindhoven. 

Voor deze editie spraken we met Malford Milligan and Jack Hustinx

There’s too much to tell in this one interview with two amazing musicians. 20 years ago former Shiner Twins member and producer of so many great records Jack Hustinx and the sublime soul singer-songwriter Malford Milligan met in Milligans’ home base Austin,  Texas USA. They became close friends. Nowadays they’re both living in Eindhoven, sharing their love for music and enjoying their friendship.

Malford: ‘At the moment we are doing great trio gigs with Roel Spanjers and a tour with the Southern Aces. The theater tour The sound of the Blues & Americana with Johan Derksen is on our planning as soon as Corona is over. And we just did the song Arms Around The World for Becel.’

Jack: ‘Malford is the voice of this newly released Becel-commercial. The song was written by Dennis Kolen. This commercial is just amazing.’

Malford: ‘People need that kind of hope. There used to be times I was passionate in a selfish way, I wanted to get things out of me. Making music in times of Corona is life changing for me. This period is questioning: do you want to live in poverty or do you want to die? Life is not about me, but about what I can give to others; that’s the message I want to share.’

Jack: ‘my goal is to reach your hear. Music is a philosophy, that’s what it is. My focus is to write songs and to perform. To make people feel better, to let them forget about their daily misery. Corona for example.’

Malford: ‘We talk about it, but we don’t talk about it. The reason why? My job is to survive the virus and carry out the message about hope and giving. People need hope and possibilities. I am happy to be here, here I can sing. I have my life here in Eindhoven and in Texas.’

Jack: ‘Malford and I have met in Austin, Texas in 1998. I was blown away when I heard him sing with the band Storyville. He touched me. He is an old school soul singer, what makes him unique. There is only a handful of people like him in the world. It feels like a forgotten art.  I arrived in America the day before 9-11, a story by itself and a moment never to forget. I had to get back to the Netherlands soon after that. Luckily half a year later I was able to travel back to the USA and settled in Austin, Texas. That’s where the story began.’

Malford: ‘‘When I am with my wife romcoms will do. But deep inside I love science fiction and horror.” Soul singer and lead singer of The Southern Aces Malford Milligan was born in Tayler, grew up in Elgin, Texas and is married to Vicky. Since June 2019 Malford is living in the Netherlands. He likes to walk around in Eindhoven, f.e. at the Stratumse Heide together with his friend Tiny, who is also Jack’s friend.

Jack: “My live is about music. Listening music, writing music and playing music.” Musician and producer Jack Hustinx is originally based in Eindhoven and lived part-time in Austin, Texas for 15 years. He was a member of the Shiner Twins and for Stagger Lee Records he produced Life Will Humble You, Over Yonder and Sweet Cherry Soul. Jack loves to go to the theatre and likes to watch tv series like The Sopranos and Treme , which is about the reconstruction of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

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